Increased 2017-18 Title I Allocation
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - January 30, 2018

For Title I Funded Schools:

Recently, Title I funded schools received the news that the ‘per pupil allocation’ for 2017-18 has increased. Adjustments in Title I funding in January can occur when the federal government and CDE issue the final allocations in December. Fortunately, this was a positive adjustment!

As with all changes in site level Title I funding, School Site Councils will need to approve changes in the SPSA that reflect the increase. The Allocation of Funds page in each SPSA for all Title I funded schools has been adjusted to show the increase in the 2017-18 Title I allocation plus the 2016-17 carryover, so most schools will also show a positive balance that must be brought back to zero.

Increased Salary Costs:

A major consideration for schools that have Title I funded employees or use Title I for per diem expenditures is to have recent and possible salary increases. The Title I per pupil increases can and should cover any additional costs for employee salaries and per diem expenses. To make sure that these increases are covered:

  1. Calculate 6% of the total cost of all Title I funded salaries and planned per diem costs.
  2. Set that amount aside, explaining to SSC that these funds must be reserved for the increases in salary and per diem.
  3. Adjust amounts in the SPSA to reflect the new salary and per diem costs.

Title I Funded Requisitions:

Please note that the minutes from SSC meetings indicating that the additional funds have been allocated and salary costs set aside, may be requested in order to process Title I funded requisitions. It is advised to allocate the funds as soon as possible with SSC approval and make changes in the SPSA template so there will be no delay in processing requisitions.

Should you need any assistance with this issue, please contact Lisa Hayes at 643-9035 or Cathy Morrison at 643-9222.