Health Services Update – Nov/Thanksgiving Break At-Home/OTC Covid Tests & Medical Care for Students
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action RequiredDeadline - June 30, 2023


Nov/Thanksgiving Break At-Home/OTC Covid Tests – starting this week and continuing into early next week, all school sites and departments will be getting another allocation of At-Home/OTC Covid test kits to distribute before Thanksgiving break.

To prevent individuals from returning to work/school while infectious, we need schools/departments to send out these Covid tests before leaving for Thanksgiving Break and remind individuals to test before returning. 

Please ensure you are  providing this public safety resource and upholding our promise to continue providing At-Home Covid tests, as long as they are available. 

Follow these steps below:

  • Print the attached flyer back–to-back with English and your threshold language(s) & pre-bundle test kits & flyers for each class 
  • Thursday, November 17 hand out the kits to all students, staff & contacted staff, with follow-up occurring on Friday
  • To ensure everyone gets a kit, hand them out in structured ways:
    • kits should be given to students through a scheduled class
    • secondary schools should pick a common class or period 
    • distribute to staff so all receive a kit (staff mailboxes, or other methods)
  • Your assigned Health Aide will assist with these monthly distributions – connect and plan with them and other site-based staff who can support
  • As the break comes to an end – send out messages reminding staff and students to test before returning to work/school

Dec/Winter Break At-Home/OTC Covid Tests – arriving the week of Dec 12

We will also be providing another round in December, to send out before the Winter Break.  Be prepared to replicate the steps above for Winter Break.  

In an effort to ensure ready access to testing, Health Services will be sending a regular monthly allocation to all schools/departments to distribute.

Respiratory illnesses Surging

We are experiencing an extraordinarily high number of respiratory illnesses including flu, RSV, colds and Covid.  The rate of Covid has doubled this Monday over the last four Mondays. Take the following action steps to keep our community safe:

  • Send out monthly At-Home/OTC Covid test kits so everyone has home testing available if they become sick or exposed
  • Ensure masks and hand sanitizer are widely available and visible in all classrooms and work spaces
  • Encourage mask wearing, especially when working in small groups or closely 1:1
  • Make sure additional HEPA filters are turned on and in working order
  • Ensure staff and students go home when they are sick and follow the protocols for a safe return – Return to Health Appendix B: Illness and Symptoms Guidelines for Staff and Students.  The short term benefits of coming to school/work sick are far outweighed when the disease is spread to others, causing them to miss work or school
  • Review the Return to Health plan with your team to ensure all safety protocols are being followed – these safety protocols help prevent the spread of Flu, RSV, Cold & Covid!

Medical Care for Students

This year Student Support and Health Services has taken over the scheduling and managing of direct health care services for all students, including those with 504 Plans and IEPs.

Students on your campus receiving direct health care services such as G-tube feedings, urinary catheterizations or diabetes management are cared for by trained Health Aides (HA) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), many from contracted agencies. The HA or LVN may be on campus all day or come in at specific times to provide these direct care services.  For accountability and safety, we ask that they sign-in and out at the front desk each day.

If you know of a student who is not receiving the health care services needed or there are concerns regarding the attendance or quality of care received, please reach out to Health Services by emailing or call 916.306.9294 between 7:00 a.m. -2:30 p.m. or after 2:30 p.m. call 916.320.1538.

At-Home Testing & Reporting Flyer - English

At-Home Testing & Reporting Flyer - Spanish

Appendix B- Illness and Symptoms Guidelines for Staff and Students