Health Services Update – Food Allergies & SCUSD Wellness Policy Requirements
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

At SCUSD we work hard to ensure that students’ minds and bodies are ready for learning each day. In addition to the hard work our staff and parents/guardians do every day to prepare students for success in the classroom, we must also provide healthy food and beverages and physical activity, leading them to lifelong success.

In compliance with the District Wellness Policy:

  • Honor celebrations and special occasions by using non-food treats such as stickers, pencils, games or crafts. The district website has a list of non-food and healthy celebration ideas. 
  • If food is provided at school, ensure all food/beverages are compliant with the SCUSD Wellness Policy. Food/beverages provided must be compliant with Competitive Foods regulations. 
  • When food is included in a celebration or snack, SCUSD will only offer healthy food that is non-allergenic to all students in that classroom.   

The SCUSD Wellness Policy website includes links and resources where you will find suggested food alternatives and activities for school celebrations and Frequently Asked Questions about the Wellness Policy.

As educators, caregivers and loved ones we all want the best for our students. Thank you for joining us in giving students healthy opportunities to celebrate important events and achievements.

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