Guidance Toolkit for the Stephon Clark Investigation Announcement
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Dear Principals:

In the coming days, we expect the Sacramento County District Attorney to release the findings of its investigation of the Stephon Clark shooting. In the event that the outcome of these findings results in strong emotions or actions displayed by students as a result of the release of this information, we have prepared a toolkit to assist you in the event you find yourself having to manage a situation where students need additional supports. 

You may recognize many of the items in the toolkit. Some of the items were included in the unity toolkit that was shared with each of you last year. Other resources are new and designed to help provide support to our students, families and staff.

The items in this toolkit are designed to be adapted to fit the needs of your community. Please examine the contents and meet with your teams to determine how these resources may be used. This Toolkit includes the following items:

  • Background information on the Stephon Clark shooting
  • Know Your Facts Information from the City of Sacramento
  • Sacramento’s Safe Zones
  • Guidelines for administrators
  • Sample letters for the community
  • Safety protocols
  • Engaging activities for students to promote civil discourse
  • Resources for students / staff needing additional support
  • Tips for Teachers
  • Guidance for school administrators
  • Promoting trauma informed practices, student voice and safety
  • Sample talking points for administrators
  • Planning tools in the event of student protests / walkouts

We want to acknowledge that just like adults, students may express strong reactions or emotions about the findings when they are made public. Both children and adults benefit from the support of others to feel a sense of safety and understanding. We hope that these tools help empower you as leaders of your school community during challenging situations.

Please let your Instructional Assistant Superintendent know if we can be of any support to you in the days ahead.


Jorge Aguilar