Grades 1 & 3 GATE ID Process – Teacher Rating Scales
Elementary and K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Action Required - May 31, 2019

Both 1st and 3rd grade teachers have received an e-mail from the GATE Department inviting them to complete the HOPE Teacher Rating Scale as the next step in the GATE Identification Process. They will only be asked to complete the scale for those students in their class who met the minimum criteria on the GATE screening assessment (CogAT or NNAT), and are not already GATE Id’d.

Instructions for completing this process step are attached.

Teacher Rating Scales are a vital step in the GATE Id process—they can contribute up to 2 bonus points for students (designed to only help, not hurt students in the scoring matrix). It is imperative that teachers complete the rating scale in Illuminate by the end of the day, Friday, May 31, 2019.

Special note for 3rd grade – teachers will not be asked to complete the HOPE Rating Scale on those students who are already GATE Id’d.

The GATE Department is planning to notify families and school sites of 1st and 3rd grade GATE Identification status by the end of June.