Google Classroom and IC Integration Update
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informatonal

Tech Services have set up an automatic integration of Google Classroom and Infinite Campus.

  • For teachers who have not yet set up their Google Classroom, this changes how they should do things. 
  • For teachers who have already set up their Google Classrooms, this will not negatively affect anything that teachers have already made, but there are separate instructions for on how to get everything synced up. 

There are many advantages to this integration:

  • Teachers do not need to invite students to their classrooms
  • Students and families do not need to do anything anymore to access their classrooms (no more accepting invites or typing in codes).
  • Students will be populated automatically on September 3rd, the first day of school
  • Infinite Campus will sync daily with Google Classroom so any changes made in IC will automatically make the change in teachers’ classrooms.  So as students change classes, Google Classroom will update.
  • Any teacher that has already created their classroom and loaded assignments, posts, topics, etc. – this process will NOT affect anything already created. Everything will remain the same. 
  • For non-teachers using Google Classroom (BTSA, Induction, etc) there are no classes to sync and therefore all adults joining the classroom will do so using a code or invite. This will be the same for principals creating classrooms for their site/teachers.  When creating a classroom, and the user is prompted to link classroom to SIS, the user will click “skip”.

Here are the directions for teachers to create or sync their Google Classroom to student rosters through Infinite Campus. There are two ways depending on whether teachers have already created their classrooms or not.

Please share this information with your teachers.

FYI – We are looking into syncing grading in Google Classroom with IC.  More information on this will be coming soon.