Gearing Up for 6th Grade Math Placement Assessment
Elementary and K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

The Curriculum & Instruction Department is gearing up for this year’s 6th Grade Math Placement Assessments which is part of the multiple measures used to determine math course recommendations as students exit grade 6. Mikila Fetzer, Math Coordinator, and Suzie Craig, Math Specialist, will be communicating with you, your office managers and your 6th grade teachers in the coming weeks to confirm teachers of record, special circumstances and timelines for assessing and materials deliveries.

After spring break, the multiple-choice portion of the assessment will be completed online and will produce immediate results for teachers and parents. The open-ended tasks will be completed using paper and pencil, and will be returned to Serna Center for scoring by math specialists. Math course placement recommendations are expected in late May.

Please feel free to contact Mikila Fetzer,, with any questions.