GATE Student Rosters for School Sites
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

The GATE Department does not distribute rosters of students who are eligible to receive GATE services annually. Instead, school sites can run these rosters through Infinite Campus. Both the Principal and the School Office Manager have access to run this query. GATE screening assessment results are posted on the “Assessments” tab in Infinite Campus.

All student files are currently up to date with the following information regarding GATE services from the 18-19 academic year:
1. GATE services determination
2. NNAT3 Assessment results (grade 1)
3. CogAT Assessment results (grade 3)

Teachers are unable to see their student’s “GATE Flags” via their view in Infinite Campus. As such, teachers do not know who their GATE Services students are unless it is shared with them by the Principal or Office Manager. This information is vital in ensuring that students receive appropriately differentiated learning experiences.

The attached instructions outline the details for the query in Infinite Campus.

If sites have questions or need support in running the query, they should call Shirley Lee, GATE Office Technician, at 643-9427.