GATE Status Notification for Grades 1 and 3
Elementary, K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Action Required - June 9

This year, parents will be notified of their child’s GATE status through their school.

GATE status letters will be prepared for each child who participated in the GATE Screening assessments (Grade 1 = NNAT3; Grade 3 = CogAT). As such, letters will not be available for those students who opted out of testing, were unable to test, or who enrolled in school after February 2017.

Sealed letters will be prepared by printing services, bundled by teacher and delivered to schools by Friday, June 9. Every effort will be made to deliver letters to schools earlier than that date. It is imperative that letters be sent home immediately upon receipt as they contain time sensitive information.

Sites may wish to attach additional school specific letters to the envelopes. However, sealed envelopes should not be opened to add enclosures. These site letters may include information about after school clubs, enrichment or other opportunities available to all students. Contact the GATE department for additional ideas.

Principals will receive GATE status lists for their school site along with master copies of the letters that parents receive.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and gracious support of families during this year’s delayed GATE ID process.

Please direct any questions about GATE Identification outcomes to the GATE Department.