Free SIP Paraeducator Professional Development Series
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Highly skilled paraeducators are an integral part of the educational system. Under the supervision of a credentialed educator, paraeducators can serve as a support to ensure educational benefit to students with IEP’s in the least restrictive environment. To maximize paraeducator support, leaders, teachers, and paraeducators must leverage their collective expertise to design a system that provides equitable access across school environments.

This series of paraeducator professional development opportunities will focus on increasing the knowledge and skill of paraeducators and their mentors in the areas of roles/responsibilities, inclusion, behavior, and universal design.

  • October 8th 1:00- 2:00- Dr. Studer Roles and Responsibilities and Maximizing Paraeducator Support
  • November 12th 1:00- 2:00- Leveraging Inclusive Practices: Accommodations and Modifications are the Foundation for Inclusion
  • December 10th 1:00-2:00- Renay Marquez from Paraeducate Self- Advocacy
  • January 14th 1:00- 2:00- Eddie and Melaura Behavior Supports
  • February 11th 1:00-2:00-Eddie and Melaura Data Collection
  • March 11th 1:00-2:00- Eddie and Melaura Social- Emotional Supports
  • April 8th 1:00-2:00- Katie Novak UDL
  • May 13th 1:00- 2:00- Katie Novak UDL

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