Finalizing Your SPSA
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - June 13, 2019

All finalized SPSAs will be uploaded to a web page prior to the Board meeting June 20, 2019:

Please double check these components so that your SPSA will be complete for Board review:

  1. Title Page – Insert the date of your SSC approval. DTS will enter the Board approval date.
  2. Stakeholder Involvement – Please include the dates of your meetings.
  3. School Site Council Membership – We’ve noticed that DTS rolled over old rosters. Please double check this section and update it with the names of your current members. Bear in mind the appropriate ratio of parents/community (and students, if secondary) to staff. Please ask if you have a question on this!
  4. Recommendations and Assurances – Check for signatures and insert the date(s) that the page was signed.
  5. Return to the table of contents (Edit by Sections).
    • Uncheck any goals or sections that are not needed. For example, if your site does not have a Goal 6, uncheck Goal 6 in that section.
    • Uncheck the directions for completing the SPSA.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.