Federal Program Monitoring Request – Inventory Count
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - June 13, 2019

You should a have received an email regarding the Title I equipment inventory. The purpose of the email was to request your support in completing a very important compliance process which is required as a part of Title I, Part A funding. We will need you or your designee to conduct a physical inventory check of the equipment items at your school. Please go to the Google Doc link in this e-mail to access your school’s equipment inventory list. Designee suggestions include assistant principal or plant manager.

In terms of background, the district receives approximately $16 million in Title I funding annually. During our 2018 Federal Program Monitoring audit, CDE shared that schools “must conduct a physical check of the inventory of all equipment” purchased with Title I with an individual cost of $500 or more every two years.

We have most of the information already, but we will need you or your designee to do physical check of each item and provide us with the location (room) and condition of the item. Please refer to the attachment entitled Inventory Directions for details about how to conduct the inventory. Also attached is a document entitled Title I Equipment Inventory, this is a list of all the equipment that will need to be inventoried.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Kal Phan at 643-9428 or Kelley Odipo at 643-9051.

Please note that the target completion date is Thursday, June 13, 2019.