Elementary Math Course Codes – Changes in Scheduling
Elementary, K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

In an effort to improve accuracy with mathematics placement, grading and reporting, a new course code for elementary schools has been created and Office Managers are being asked to make changes when applicable. **PLEASE speak with your Office Manager about the information below.**

* The code 7010 is a new elementary math course code for students in elementary school who are learning Grade 7 mathematics at the elementary school. The standards domains on the student report card are for Grade 7 content. Students will be unscheduled from 6010 and a new section of 7010 will be created for the teacher who is instructing the mathematics.

* Students enrolled in Grade 6 who are taking math courses at a middle school will be unscheduled from 6010. Therefore, their Grade 6 teacher will not assign math grades. These students are/will be partially enrolled at the middle school site, by the middle school report card grades will be assigned by the teacher of record at the middle school.

* Students assigned to a homeroom teacher who receive math instruction from a different teacher will be scheduled into the teacher of record’s math section. This includes sites that do math exchanges or departmentalize for mathematics.

These changes are necessary for the following reasons:

  • The district needs to ensure accurate and appropriate mathematics placement for students.
  • The requested changes will allow the teachers of record to assign their math students grades based on the standards they are learning.
  • The accuracy achieved by these changes will positively affect reporting for assessment and placement in future courses.

Office Managers may need to talk to the principal and teachers to make scheduling changes. Support is available from the district website, “Infinite Campus Staff Documents,” from support@scusd.edu, and from the PPT presentation from the November 30, 2017 Office Managers meeting attached and uploaded to the shared drive.