Documenting Claims of Harassment and Discrimination
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

This is to remind all SCUSD Site Administrators of their duties to investigate and document any and all claims of student harassment and/or discrimination. The district is dealing with an ongoing state audit (see attached) and potential litigation matters relating to its handling of claims of harassment. The following are key requirements to consider:

  • Any report of potential harassment or discrimination triggers an automatic duty for the site to investigate pursuant to California and Federal law. Please see the attached AR, Student Non-Discrimination for Procedures.
  • Investigations must be sufficiently documented, regardless of whether it is an informal complaint or a formal one. Complainant must be offered the opportunity to submit a formal Uniform Complaint (UCP) or Title IX Complaint through the Student Hearing and Placement Department.
  • Reports of the investigation findings and resolutions must be provided to the victim and alleged perpetrator.
  • The written resolution must include steps that will be taken to follow up and ensure that any harassment has ceased and has been appropriately remedied.
  • These duties exist whether or not a student received discipline. These procedures must be followed regardless of whether or not a student receives a suspension for harassment pursuant to Ed. Code 48900.2 or 48900.4.
  • Significant matters, including those which require a complex investigation or involve potential criminal allegations, should be immediately referred to the Student Hearing Office/Title IX Coordinator for oversight or direct investigation.
  • Documentation of the investigation, findings and resolutions must be forwarded to Student Hearing and Placement/Student Title IX Coordinator for the district.
  • Student Hearing and Placement/Student Title IX Coordinator tracks all site investigations/resolutions of alleged harassment or discrimination.
  • Site audits will be conducted as appropriate to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • The Director of Student Hearing and In House Counsel will provide trainings on these matters early in 2018.