District Wide Inventory of AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator)
Health Services

Principal Bulletin

Several years ago, SCUSD installed AED’s at many school sites.Each unit contains a set of child and adult electrode pads.  Currently it has come to my attention that the adult pads contained in the sets are expired, and the child pads will expire from November 2012 to February 2013 depending on the unit, with some units’ expirations not reported.  Upon further investigation I have found that some units may not have batteries, and I have no reporting on which SCUSD staff is currently certified to use an AED.  I have contacted the American Red Cross, who in turn contacted the vendor. The vendor cannot vouch for the effectiveness of the pads past the expiration date. The bottom line is, if an AED in SCUSD is accessed, it may not work. 

Over the next two weeks, Health Services staff will remove the AED units from school sites. The units will be inventoried and further steps explored. The upgrading of these units is extremely expensive. If your site wishes to implement an AED program-including upgrading, training and maintenance-in the future, please contact Pam Whipple, Coordinator, Health Services 643-9412.