Distance Learning – Comprehensive Sexual Health Education
K-8, Middle and High Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

This announcement is to inform you of our move to shift our 2-week sexual health education curriculum to distance learning. Teachers were informed by email and will be invited to join our district’s google classroom where the lessons will be located. From there, teachers will be able to make a copy of the assignments in the classroom and assign to the students. If you would like to be added to the classroom as well to preview the resources, please send an email to aaron-pecho@scusd.edu and you will be added to the classroom.

Here are some reminders that we sent to teachers:

  • Although we have moved student learning to distance learning, sexual health education is still required by law.
  • Work with your students to create/share ground rules. The teacher guide can be helpful to get started (see page 14). Reach out to Janna Cantwell for additional support.
  • Our main priority is student safety. Please design the instructional experience to maximize student safety including providing parents an opportunity to preview the curriculum and opt-out in writing (by email). Here are some friendly instructions to provide to parents:
    • To preview the curriculum please visit (www.scusd.edu/chya) and navigate to the lesson plans at the bottom of the page.
    • If you wish to opt-out or have questions, please send me an email at _______@scusd.edu by _________.
  • Each lesson has been modified to take 20-30 minutes of instructional time. Although instruction isn’t ideal, we believe that the content that students are learning is still important.
  • Teachers are allowed to and supported in accommodating the experience so all students can access the learning – teachers should not change the content of what is being taught.

Thank you, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.