DACA Resource for Educators
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

In response to the President’s recent decision to end DACA and requests from our teaching staff to be provided with a district resource for how to navigate this issue with students, please download and share this resource with all teachers and educators at your school site immediately. The SEL team, with the assistance of district teachers and educators, has prepared this resource to help teachers and other staff navigate this issue with their students. As educators, it’s more important than ever that we not only provide positive and safe learning environments for our students and families, but also critical that we attend to their social and emotional well-being as well. It’s during these challenging times that we must, more than ever, cultivate compassion, care, and kindness for ALL members of our community. It’s with this in mind that we offer SCUSD educators the following DACA Toolkit in order to help navigate, advocate and support through the lens of social and emotional well-being for all. Toolkit can be found at https://docs.google.com/a/scusd.edu/document/d/1N5YoTKxVWoFJZUiAa1gKJYuO0WbcbpeWHR1QjX6318k/edit?usp=sharing, which will be updated periodically. The district would like to thank the following for contributing to the production of this resource: Mai Xi Lee, Elizabeth Villanueva, Rosie Arcona, Andrea Nava, Jacqueline Rodriguez, Victoria Flores, Matt Turkie, Iris Taylor and Doug Huscher.