CSUS Information Session Invite (Special Education)
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Dear District Partner,

I would like to ask you to send the information session invitation to all relevant people in your district so that they can apply these relevant programs. Thanks! 

We need leaders in the disability rights community!

Our district has a great need for special education teachers to work with young children, youth, and young adults with disabilities. We’d like to make you aware of credential programs at Sacramento State that can prepare you to move into this rewarding line of work. 

Applications are now open for these 3 education specialist credential with Master of Arts in Special Education Teaching (MASET) programs:

  • Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate, with Dual option to add Multiple Subject Credential, Yolo Teacher Residency scholarship. Intern option. ACT (Accelerated Child Develop. BA + M-M Dual Credential) pathway-fast track in 4.5 yrs. 
  • Education Specialist: Moderate-Severe. May be eligible for a federal scholarship plus travel to conferences. Dual option to add Multiple Subject Credential. Yolo Teacher Residency scholarship. Intern option.
  • Education Specialist: Early Childhood Special Education.Distance learning program, NEW ECSE-Added Authorization. Yolo Teacher Residency scholarship. Intern option.

Extended Applications due April 1, 2021

You may also visit their website or contact a program coordinator:

Mild/Moderate Disabilities & ACT Coordinator:
Dr. EunMi Cho
(916) 278-7547

Moderate/Severe Disabilities Coordinator:
Dr. Kathleen Gee
(916) 278-4077

Early Childhood Special Education& Yolo Teacher Residency (YTR) Coordinator:
Dr. Cindy Collado
(916) 278-4616

Application Process
Ashley Ciraulo-Stuart

Support Services & Bilingual Authorization
Karina Figueroa-Ramirez


Dr. EunMi Cho, Professor
Sacramento State University
College of Education, Teaching Credentials – Special Education
Program Coordinator: Mild/Mod. (M/M)/Dual (M/M & Multiple Subjects)
Student & Intern Teaching Placement Coordinator 
Office: Eureka 403, (916) 278-7547