CHKS 2020-2021 Administration Updates
K-8, Middle and High School

Principal Bulletin Informational

The TUPE team is still working with the District tech services to ensure that the survey is 100% paperless and in alignment with distance learning. Survey informational materials for parents/guardians and families has been translated into Spanish, Hmong, Chinese and Vietnamese. Informational emails and the online CHKS survey permission slip form will be sent directly to parents and guardians from the TUPE office. Robodials and emails explaining the purpose of the survey and the permission slips are set to begin November 18, 2020 in multiple languages as well. 

All consent forms signage will be monitored and tracked centrally by our department and the TUPE Youth Services Specialist and Coordinator. Please note that 7th, 9th, and 11th grade students who return their withdrawal forms with their parent/guardian signature will not be given survey access. All active consent forms for 6th grade students will be tracked and monitored. Principals will receive a list of 6th grade students with parent/guardian permission to know how many of their students were eligible to take the survey during the 2020-2021 administration period. 

Once all permission slips have been sent and returned, the TUPE team will then electronically send school site survey links directly to students through their district emails. Principals, please encourage your team to remind students and families about the CHKS permission slips and CHKS survey completion. Teachers do not need to worry about handling the survey link, distributing the survey or proctoring the survey.

In addition to sending the survey links directly to student’s district emails, the TUPE team will share the specific school site link will principals. The TUPE team is asking that once the link is received, that principals push the link into all 6th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grade Google classrooms as a classroom assignment.

The TUPE team recognizes that preparation for the 100% electronic CHKS administration has taken longer than the projected timeline, but the team is still on track for survey period to be completed by Friday, December 18, 2020.

Thank you for your considered support and flexibility. For questions, please contact the TUPE Youth Services Specialist, Miamah Reed at (916) 825-9859 or by email at

November 2020—CHKS Updates