Benchmark Advance Curriculum
Elementary and K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

Included in this post are important documents to support maintaining and managing the wealth of teaching and learning resources of the Benchmark Advance (BMA) curriculum. The only BMA materials being purchased for the next school year are the student resources - My Shared Readings for Kindergarten and First Grade, Text for Closing Reading for Second Grade through Sixth Grade and Kinder and First Grade Decodables.

The District’s BMA Materials Replacement Policy is also attached. Additionally, grade level inventory lists for the Benchmark Advance (BMA) materials are hyperlinked. These can also be found on the district’s ELA webpage. This resource can be used during the end of the school year check-out process to inventory teaching and learning resources.

If you are collapsing classes and need to send back materials to Library & Textbook Services (726A), please follow this protocol:

  1. Print the matching grade level inventory list.
  2. Inventory materials and package for return to LTS.
  3. Include a copy of your inventory list with the pallet of materials you are sending back.

It is essential to follow these steps to ensure complete grade level sets are being returned and can be redistributed to other schools.

Thank you for your support in maintaining and managing these resources.