Be Kind Stick Together (Free Program for Anti-bullying Month
Elementary and K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

Although I know many of your schools have current programs, curricula and resources, just wanted to add this resource for elementary schools as we approach Anti-Bullying month in October. Here is a little about the program, in addition to links to the program summary and outline:

Be Kind® STICK TOGETHER® is a free, character education program offered to schools and youth organizations by Project Love and Duck Tape® in an effort to provide a fun and different way to explore the important social-emotional learning concepts of kindness and sticking together to combat bullying and negative behaviors. Using a combination of tools, the program mixes large group discussion, video elements, hands-on activities and a writing exercise to keep participants interested and engaged. The lesson culminates with participants pledging to “stick together” as they write their individual names on pieces of Duck Tape® and post them together on a provided poster. This poster can hold the pledges/names of up to 150-200 participants. After the program, the banner can be displayed at your school as a reminder to be kind, caring and respectful to others.

Here are the links: (Program Summary) (Program outline) (Important Steps to Successful Program)

If interested, please reach out to Be Kind, Stick Together (Against Bullying) directly to sign up for all the free materials.