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Principal Bulletin Informational

Hopefully everyone had a restful break and has returned with newfound energy and focus, ready to take on the second half of the year! January is an interesting attendance month with students returning from travel, unpredictable winter weather and coughs, sneezes and the flu bug running rampant. Some things are out of our control, but we can certainly message and promote good school attendance anytime.

We have created an attendance rate goal of 95% for this month (January 1- 31) and February (February 1- 29), let your students and families know the goal and give them regular updates as to the school’s progress!

HERE is where you can see your site’s Attendance Rate.

Below are some helpful tips, information and reminders:

  • Send an ALL Call home reminding students to return to school after 3 day weekends.
  • Weekly Grade level competitions, Friday activities at lunch, or plan a SPIRIT Day on Tuesday the 21st.
  • The  “When is Sick Too Sick” fliers are HERE, which you can print and send home or print poster size for the office.
  • If you have Saturday Academy at your site, reach out to chronically absent students to personally invite them to attend on Saturdays.

We are so pleased with this year’s growth around attendance!

We know that ALL of our school sites are putting in an immense amount of effort to increase their student attendance, whether it be through improving campus climate (Tier 1), recognizing attendance growth (Tier 2) or assessing individual student needs in COST or MDT meetings (Tier 3). 

If you need anything, please feel free to reach out.  We are here to help!

Thank you for all you do.