Attendance/COVID19 Updates
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Please see below regarding attendance as it relates to COVID19.

  • Absences NOT due to illness, but meant as a precautionary measure to avoid potential exposure can be coded as PERSONAL (up to 10 days). 

    • This applies even if a student is on a SART or SARB contract. 
    • After 10 PERSONAL it will need to be coded as OTHER unless verified by a medical doctor MEDV.
  • Absences due to illness should be coded as either HEALTH or MEDICAL VERIFICATION depending on whether a doctor note was provided. 
    • If a parent calls to report illness and symptoms, but has not taken them to the doctor record as HEALTH and encourage them to see their doctor. Always add notes to explain symptoms.
      • If a student is past 10 days HEALTH, absences should still be coded as HEALTH (during the COVID19 period ONLY). Always add notes to explain symptoms.
      • If a student is on a SART or SARB contract absences should still be coded as HEALTH (during the COVID19 period ONLY) unless a medical note is provided and then should be MEDICAL VERIFICATION.
    • Parents/guardians still need to verify and clear absences daily.
  • If an absence hasn’t been cleared by a parent or guardian please reach out to parents personally to verify the absence and document appropriately. For potential ADA recovery we must provide accurate information regarding illnesses and symptoms.

Messaging is so very important at all times with attendance, but especially now, as we address families wanting to keep their students home. Our goal is for families to feel safe sending their students to our campuses however, if a family is choosing to keep their student home and your site already offers independent studies on a voluntary basis, please consider offering this option to students who plan on missing 5 or more days of school (1 day for Charter Schools). This should be a last resort. All of the same guidelines apply:

  • Independent Studies is VOLUNTARY.
  • The contract must be signed and dated by parent, teacher and student.
  • The contract must be dated prior to the absences (or have the parent and student come in to sign on the first day of absence).
  • There must be an end date on the contract. If the student continues to be out beyond the end date a new contract should be completed.
  • The supervising teacher providing and grading the work must be a credentialed staff member, but does not need to be their classroom teacher.
  • A student may submit work electronically.
  • 2 Work samples must be kept in the cum folder with the contract for 2 years for auditing purposes.
  • Please contact Special Education Department if the student is on an IEP.

All information and contracts can be found in the  Attendance Toolkit  under the Independent Studies link.

If you have any questions or need support, please reach out. Thank you for all you do each and every day!

The Be HERE Team