Attendance Letters and Toolkit
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Last week the district and InClass Today mailed close to 7,000 Supportive Absence Reports to elementary school students missing/not participating in 5% to 60% of enrolled school days. The letters are informational and super supportive. An example is included. 

Sample Supportive Absence Report Letter

You may receive calls from parents with questions. We have attached a copy of the Parent FAQ sheet to help guide your answers. We are finding that most of the families are calling because they believe the attendance is inaccurate. Please review, verify with the teacher and correct if needed. Office staff will need to contact the Budget Office to open a past window and enter the DLVP code to remove an absence and count the student as present.

Parent FAQ sheet

Attendance was not entered correctly at the beginning of the year nor was it corrected completely in October when the teacher window was opened all the way back to the first day of school. It is so important that we correct this now.

As part of our Tiered Re-engagement Strategy we will be sending similar letters and text messages each month to students who are not participating regularly in distance learning. It is important teachers are entering daily participation and staff are implementing the DL absence process. Outreach via phone, text, email and an informal absence letters are simple evidence based strategies. We need to connect at the first signs of need, not when they are in crisis. Our tiered reengagement process is based on the MTSS framework. It will help students stay engaged and maintain communication and relationships between schools and families when we don’t get to see them in person each day

Also, the 2020-21 DL Attendance and Engagement Toolkit is complete. It includes instructions explaining Participation Based Attendance and the exciting new measure of engagement process in IC. Other sections include the weekly engagement log, chronic absence data and links to videos, FAQs and screen shots to run reports.

2020-21 DL Attendance and Engagement Toolkit

Please reach out to your CWAS if you have any questions, new ideas or feedback, we are here to support you in supporting our students. 

We thank you for all of your hard work! 

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