Attendance Awareness Month Success
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

We did it! As a district, we met our September Attendance Awareness Month Goal of 96% ADA! We finished the month with a district average of 96.38% cumulative ADA! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, positive messaging and enthusiasm around improving student attendance. Our ultimate goal is for every student to achieve academic success and the first step is to BeHERE!

Here is a list of all of the schools that met the 96% Goal (you can see the cumulative rate for all 4 weeks). 

I would also like to commend a few schools for their incredible improvements in just 4 weeks. Both Oak Ridge and Pacific were our most improved and had significant gains between the first day of school and September 30th, increasing over 5% and 3% respectively, ending the month at just under 96%, but having many days above the goal. We were pleased to see a strong finish with such a diverse mix of schools, fantastic work!

Messaging has been a key tool in informing all of our students, families, teachers and staff members about the importance of good school attendance.

Here are some great examples: Woodbine’s Staff Bulletin and also Tahoe’s family newsletter

One final note - Friday, November 1, 2019 is the day after Halloween and traditionally a low attendance day. Consider planning a special celebration or Spirit day to help combat absences.

Check out these links for help and ideas with messaging and incentives:

Social Media Attendance Messaging

Monthly Messaging Tool

Be HERE Commercial

Attendance Toolkit

We truly appreciate all of your efforts and could not have reached this goal without you! THANK YOU!