AP Audit Timeline
High School

Principal Bulletin Action Required - October 4, 2018

AP Course Audit completion is an essential step in the AP 2018 Implementation Process.

AP Course Audit must be complete by October 5, 2018.
This includes responsibilities for both AP Teachers and AP Site Administrators.

AP Teachers Must:

  1. Set up College Board Accounts
  2. Upload their course syllabus into the AP Audit Platform
  3. Receive approval from The College Board for their AP Course(s)

AP Site Administrators Must:

  1. Set up College Board Accounts
  2. Remove any AP courses/teachers who are no longer at the school from the AP Audit System
  3. Review and approve any AP course being offered for the 2018-19 school year

AP Audit is the first step to being able to set up AP Student accounts for AP course resources and eventual ordering of AP Exams.

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