Active Shooter Training
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Please see the following information on an active shooter training held by Twin Rivers Unified School District. If you are interested in participating as a role player or observer, please contact Lt. Kocher at 916-566-1600 x39902.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Twin Rivers Police Department in conjunction with the Twin Rivers Unified School District, will be hosting a Full-Scale Exercise for Active Shooter Response & Rescue Task Force on Thursday, November 21, 2019, at Grant High School. The goal of this exercise is to provide fundamental training to first responders so they can effectively respond to and manage a large scale active shooter and mass casualty event. Assembly Bill 1593 mandates that multiple disciplines including law enforcement and fire personnel collaborate and train together in preparation for these critical incidents. This training evolution will be a scenario-based training exercise.

Multiple agencies and first responder disciplines will be invited and in attendance. You are invited to this training exercise. In the unfortunate event that the Sacramento region experiences a mass casualty incident it is forecasted that multiple first responders disciplines will respond. Therefore, it is critical that all first responders are mission-orientated and on the same page. This will give us the ability to “save lives” which is collectively all of our goals. Training together is our best option for positive success. 

The training will be held from 0800-1700 hours. Please let Lt. Kocher know if you and/or your team members will be able to attend, and how many. You are welcome to participate or observe. During the training they will also have a “Unified Command Post” with the Incident Commander (Law Enforcement Lieutenant) and Battalion Chief working together. They will also have UAV’s for situational awareness and over watch, and utilize their Tactical Dispatchers.