21-22 COVID Testing & Health Aides at School Sites
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Health Services is assigning Health Aides to school sites to support COVID-19 testing and COVID related concerns. The goal is to have 2 health aides at every site every day. The health aides are contracted staff from a medical contracted agency. 

Health Aide hours will be 15 minutes before school starts and 45-60 minutes after school ends. 

The Health Aides’ role is to provide the following:

  • COVID-19 testing on site during the school day, including before and after school
  • care for students/staff that develop COVID symptoms during the school day
  • provide support for staff and families, students related to Illness and Symptoms Guidelines
  • COVID-19 testing for symptomatic individuals before they go home
  • COVID-19 testing for students on modified quarantine

First aid and medication management should continue to be provided by the regularly assigned office staff, as the Health Aides primary function is to support our COVID response. Staffing controlled entries where health screening signage, face masks and temperature screening occur should be conducted by school staff. If the Health Aide is not providing testing, they may assist as needed, however COVID-19 testing takes priority.

Space & Supplies

The Health Aides will need a Care Room that they can occupy to run the COVID testing program and support symptomatic students/staff on your school site. Refer to RTH Appendix E to differentiate the Care Room from the First Aid or Health Office. 

Below are a list of requirements and supplies each site needs to provide:

  • Care room must be large enough for the Health Aide and at least 2 individuals spaced 6 feet apart if possible
  • Desk or table for work space
  • Outlet for computer
  • Phone
  • Well ventilated (door and/or window that opens)
  • PPE supplies (gloves, thermometer, face coverings, face shields, hand sanitizer, disinfectant)
  • Space for COVID testing materials to be stored

Depending on staffing availability health aides may be pulled to other sites as needed. If you have any questions or concerns about the Health Aide role or support at your site please contact Lisa Musser, Health Services Coordinator at lisa-musser@scusd.edu or (916) 826-4863