2020 School Climate Survey
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - March 6, 2020

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a revised posting and the opening date of the student survey has been moved to February 10, 2020 to ensure that parents/guardians who choose to opt-out their student(s) have time to return the form(s). 

As part of the LCAP data collection process, the district has launched the annual School Climate Survey. Surveys are targeted to the participant: there is one for teachers and other staff, one for parents/guardians and one for students.

Questions are designed to measure perception of safety and belonging/connectedness. The survey results will be used to support district priorities, the actions in the LCAP (State Priority 6: School Climate) and reporting in the California School Dashboard.

The staff and family surveys will be open from February 3 – March 6, 2020.

NEW: The student surveys will be open from February 10 – March 6, 2020.

Student Survey: The student survey is administered online to students in grades 3-12. The student link and instructions to administer the survey can be found in the attachment. Student voice is a priority of the Board of Education as it is critical to inform district planning. 

Parents have received a letter with instructions for “opting out” a student. Please save the “opt out” letters in the school office if any are received. The student(s) identified should not be asked to complete the survey.

Family Survey: The family survey can be taken by all parents or caregivers. This survey is available on-line or on paper in English and the five district threshold languages. We are encouraging families to take the survey online, but printable family surveys may be downloaded at www.scusd.edu/family-survey and should be made available at your front office or in the school’s Parent Resource Center.

Please share the link to the Family School Climate survey through your usual communication channels (text, Facebook, newsletter, web page, phone reminders, etc.). The information will also be shared through the eConnection, Infinite Campus and social media.

Staff/Teacher Survey: Each site is asked to designate approximately 20 minutes at a staff meeting for the administration of the school climate survey to faculty and other staff. This survey is to be taken online and can be accessed using any device.

Following are links to three key documents: 

  1. Survey Administration Instructions for School Sites (Includes a family flyer with the web page link, QR codes to directly link to surveys in each language, and link to the staff survey.)
  2. Printable copies of all surveys including the translated family versions.
  3. Printable copies of the family opt-out letter in all languages