2020-21 SPSA Mid-Year Review
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action RequiredDeadline: December 18, 2020

The 2020-21 SPSA Mid-Year Review form is now in DTS. Please remember to complete your Mid-year Review by December 18th. Using local data, analyze whether your planned high leverage strategies/activities have been effective in achieving your goals thus far. This mid-year review and analysis should assist in One-Stop decision making and updates to your SPSA.

You can find the Mid-year Review form in DTS under the title, 2020-21 SPSA Mid-year Review.

For more information about how to identify high leverage strategies/activities please see the attached document.

2020-21 SPSA Mid-year Review Title I Strategies Guide

If you have questions or need additional support please email Kelley Odipo at Kelley-Odipo@scusd.edu.