2018 LCFF Data Collection Process
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - August 24, 2018

In order to help maximize Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funding for our schools, please include the LCFF Data Collection Application and parent letter from the Superintendent in your first day of school packet materials to be delivered to your site by August 24. Your school will receive enough materials to provide an English version of the form to every enrolled student, and a version of the form in Spanish, Cantonese, Hmong, Vietnamese and Russian to those students with one of these as their primary home language.

Parents are being advised that the deadline to submit their completed forms to your school is October 31. As the forms are submitted, please review documents for completeness to ensure that all essential data are provided:

  1. Part 1: Student Name – is written [Look up and write in if known]
  2. Part 1: Student ID – is written and bubbled [Look up and bubble if incomplete]
  3. Part 2: Household size/Monthly income range – is bubbled [Follow up with parent/guardian if blank]
  4. Part 2: Signature, date and printed name of Parent/Guardian – are all present [Follow up with parent/guardian if blank]

Please submit verified, completed applications to Technology Services for processing via interoffice mail using one of the LCFF DATA COLLECTION APPLICATION labels provided in the packet. These labels are pre-addressed to Technology Services, Box 808.

Do not hold verified applications. Please be sure to submit completed applications in the interoffice mail run immediately following verification.

Technology Services will confirm receipt of applications via email. To facilitate the process, Technology Services will monitor the receipt of applications and generate reports for review by school administrators and district staff.

We are deeply grateful for your continued partnership in executing this vital process each year. Please don’t hesitate to contact Technology Services at LCFFSupport@scusd.edu with any questions, feedback or suggestions.