Sac City Unified to Distribute N95 Masks to School Teachers, Staff and Volunteers
SCUSD Receives Shipment of 149,540 N95 Respirator Masks from State of California

Press release

Sacramento, CA - Sacramento CIty Unified School District (SCUSD) has informed it’s schools that they will be receiving a shipment of N95 masks from the State of California via the Sacramento County Office of Education on Friday, January 14. Each school site will receive enough N95 masks to issue 20 of them to each staff member, along with contracted providers, volunteers, substitute staff, and also a backup supply for on-site needs. Shipments of masks will be available at all 77 SCUSD schools, along with the 17 charter schools that operate within the boundaries of the district.

“We are thankful for these personal protection supplies from the State of California” said Jorge A. Aguilar, Superintendent, Sacramento CIty Unified School District. “These masks demonstrate a continued commitment by the State of California to make sure our schools are both open for in-person learning and also protected as much as possible against COVID-19. This effort is similar to the take-home testing kits that were shipped to us in December that helped prevent over 500 positive cases from arriving at our schools after the winter break.”

“Our District cares for the teachers and staff who are heroically out there on the front lines during this Omicron wave to keep our schools open” said Chritina Pritchett, Board President, Sacramento City Unified School District. “Without any delay, we are dedicating all of our resources available to issue these masks right now to all of our staff so they can be as safe as possible.”

“N95 masks offer the best face covering protection that can be provided, blocking 95% of particles when worn properly” said Victoria Flores, Student Support & Health Services Director III, Sacramento City Unified School District. “We will be educating our staff on proper fitting and handling of these N95 masks to assure they are used effectively as possible.”

The remaining supply of N95 masks will be added to the SCUSD Personal Protection Equipment order guide so that school administrators can order additional inventory as needed.

A shipment of KF94 masks ordered by the District for students are on order and expected to arrive as soon as next week. KF94 masks differ from the N95 masks by using design elements of a cloth mask that contours toward the face with an adjustable band over the nose that filters 94% of particles. The tent-like shape of the KF94 creates a little extra space between the mouth and the mask.