Sac City Unified Begins Teacher Training for Distance Learning, Secures 20,000 Chromebooks for Students

Press release

SACRAMENTO, CA — The Sacramento City Unified School District has announced it has begun a teacher training program to implement distance learning for students during the COVID-19 closure. The district proposes to begin the formal distance learning plan by April 13. The training is offered online and was first posted on March 30. The district also placed an order last week for 20,000 Chromebooks to provide to students for distance learning.

“Our priority is to begin a distance learning plan by April 13 and it is vital that we provide our teachers and principals with the training and tools needed to make this plan a reality,” said Sac City Unified Superintendent Jorge Aguilar. “We commend our educators for their efforts to take on this new challenge. We know that time is of the essence and we want to ensure the SCUSD community that we are working round the clock to provide students with an equitable solution for learning during this unprecedented health crisis.”

As part of its plan to provide teacher training, the district posted the first-two phases of its training modules for teachers to access remotely. These training modules allow teachers to participate in the training at their own pace. The modules provide teachers with trainings and introduction to the Universal Design for Learning, a framework which protects student equity and helps the district meet the needs of its diverse student population, including students with disabilities. Teachers will also receive training on the district’s preferred learning platform, Google Classroom, providing continuity for students, teachers, and parents, and addressing the needs of our students. 

The district has and will continue to take important steps to bridge the digital divide for its students and teachers in order to allow for equitable distance learning. The district is providing teachers with computers that will allow teachers to begin providing distance learning for students. 

Sac City Unified approaches the development of its distance learning plan in three steps, which requires negotiation and collaboration with its labor partners.

  • Step 1: Conducting a student needs assessment to determine how many students have the electronic resources to participate in distance learning
  • Step 2: Providing training for teachers to provide distance learning
  • Step 3: Implementing by April 13 district-wide online instruction as proposed by the district

The district is currently negotiating with its labor partners on Step 3 of its plan.