Chef Activists Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters and Ann Cooper to Visit Sacramento Area School, Showcase Healthy Lunch Choices and Impact of Food Literacy
Finding a Home for Food Literacy in California’s Schools is Critical to Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Press release

Sacramento, CA – After morning visits with California’s policymakers, Chef Activists Jamie Oliver, Alice Water and Ann Cooper will join students from Pacific Elementary School to highlight the importance of healthy lunch choices and food literacy on Wednesday, January 7, 2014.

Students who participate in the Food Literacy Center programs at Pacific Elementary School will lead a cooking demonstration for the distinguished group, exhibiting their new skills in the kitchen and insights on healthy eating.

Two of the country’s greatest food education champions, Chefs Ann Cooper and Alice Waters will join Jamie in meeting the students for lunch. All three chefs will discuss their joining together to launch a national food education awareness campaign.

The cooking demonstration, as well as Jamie, Alice, and Ann’s interactions with the students, will all be open to the press.

Last year, Jamie Oliver visited Sacramento with the “Big Rig Mobile Kitchen Classroom” that provided free food education to underserved communities from San Diego to Sacramento. He returns to enjoy a healthy lunch prepared by students from Pacific Elementary School with ingredients from their school orchard and garden. Jamie and the students will talk about the importance of healthy food in California’s schools.

California schools serve 810 million meals a year. Each meal serves as a chance not just to fuel students as they prepare to learn, but an opportunity to develop healthy habits. Food education in the classroom is the first step towards creating a new culture where California’s children are empowered to make the healthiest choices for their future.

For more information about the events at Pacific Elementary School, and to request a media availability with Jamie Oliver and other event participants, please contact John Jacobs at (916) 835-8036 or by email at

Who: Jamie Oliver, Chef Activist; Alice Waters, Owner and Founder of Chez Panisse Restaurant and the Edible Schoolyard Project; Ann Cooper, Chef, Author, and Renegade Lunch Lady; Students from Pacific Elementary School in Sacramento

What: A cooking demonstration showcasing the lessons that food education teaches

Where: Pacific Elementary School, 6201 41st Street, Sacramento, CA 95824

When: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 — 12:30 p.m. 


Please RSVP for the demonstration and tour by contacting John Jacobs at (916) 835-8036 or