Tips for Infinite Campus Messenger


Recognizing that sending a phone call via Infinite Campus Messenger is a bit more complicated than using the old ConnectED system, we’ve developed a few tips that might lower your frustration level:

  • If you do not see a box to type in the content of your message, it could be because you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser. Messenger doesn’t work with Explorer. Switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • If the number of recipients who will receive your call seems skimpy, it could be because you are on the wrong calendar. For many schools, there multiple calendars: T or M for all students, YES for after-school program students and SS for summer school students. Make sure you are on the right calendar. (Please note: K-8 schools have two calendars — one for K-6 students and one for middle school students. The district is working with Infinite Campus to address this issue. In the meantime, separate calls will need to be made.)
  • Always check the year (you want 14-15).
  • If your message is being delivered in robot voice, it could be because you didn’t UPLOAD your wav. voice file. After you’ve recorded your message, Click CHOOSE FILE to find it. Then UPLOAD that file. If you’ve uploaded, two links will appear, “listen” and “remove.” Always listen to your message to make sure you’ve uploaded it and uploaded the correct voice file.
  • If your message was delivered to parents at 8 a.m., it could be because the default dial window for the system is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Reset the window before sending.