Student Sport and Team Activities


Team Participation are extracurricular student activities that have an athletic component such as sports, cheerleading, dance or marching band.

This applies to all 7th through 12th grade students participating in these extracurricular student activities.   Note: Forms available if other languages are required — please call.

Required Team Sport Forms

The following forms required for students to participate in a team sport:

2023-2024 Agreement for Team Sport Participation (RSK-F100A) – requires parent signature and proof of medical insurance.

2023-2024 Sports Physical Examination Form (RSK-F100C) – requires parent, physician signature and good for one year.  Also, we will accept SIA Form from Kaiser which looks very similar with SIA logo rather than SCUSD.

Concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet (RSK-F100F)

  • NOTE: When transportation to events is on a district bus or provided by district arranged carpool, the student does not need to complete any other forms during the season.
  • Students 6th grade and under: complete F100A and F100F only unless it is rugby where F100C would also be required.

Sports Transportation Forms

Required when district is arranging carpool using private vehicles, then the volunteer driver must complete the following:

Student provides their own transportation with another adult driver (non-student):

Concussion Forms

 A student receives a suspected head injury during a covered activity, complete:

Out of State Games Forms

Requires Board Approval. The Athletic Director for the District may submit a list of all out of state games to the Board early in the year. That way, no other notice would be required. If that is not possible, an Out of State Field Trip Board Request RSK-F106B could be completed for an individual event. The signed RSK-F100A would still be usable as parent authorization.

Student Accident Insurance

In accordance with the California State Educational Code, the Sacramento City Unified School District makes available to its students a voluntary accident insurance plan that is designed to protect against most of the accident / medical costs that can occur during the school day, while the student is going to or from school, and at any school-sponsored activity or sport including optional tackle football plan.  Application forms are sent to school sites at the beginning of each year for distribution.  Extra forms may be obtained from the Risk Management Office at (916) 643-9421.

This coverage is available for purchase at your site office for those that do not have required insurance. SCUSD has arranged for an Accidental Insurance Plan to protect against many of the accident/medical costs. There are several options available: school time coverage, 24 hour coverage, tackle football coverage and extended dental coverage. Please contact your site office or Risk Management Office for a copy.

Sports and 24 hr Coverage Insurance

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Instructions | Spanish

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2020-21 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Letters