Screening FAQs
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What happens if someone doesn’t meet the screening criteria?

All individuals are asked to screen themselves for symptoms, temperature, exposure to someone with suspected or diagnosed COVID and any travel before coming to school or work.  Temperature screening will also take place upon arrival.  Screening questions will also be reviewed upon arrival. If someone does not pass a screening question or start to experience symptoms throughout the day, they will be relocated to the Care Room where they can be supported until they can safety return home.  All individuals are required to follow the “Stay at Home and Return to Work/School” guidelines.  

What if it is a warm day and someone is registering a temperature, but has no symptoms?

Occasionally if someone has traveled in a warm vehicle or has been standing in the warm sun, they may register a fever on a temperature gauge or thermal scanner.  In this case, have the individual stand outside in the shade for several minutes and then re-screen their temperature.  Ensure the temperature gauge is working correctly and batteries are sufficiently charged. You may also want to use a secondary temperature gauge to double check the reading. If they still register a fever and the temperature scanner is functioning properly, they must return home and follow the “Stay at Home and Return to Work/School” guidelines.  

What if I don’t want to go through screening procedures?

All individuals physically present in a work or school space must follow all screening procedures and have their temperature taken.  These procedures are non-invasive and do not require anyone to touch another individual. Distance learning is also an option for students at this time.

How will you use my information when I sign in?

Logging attendance for all staff and students is very important during COVID, especially if there is a potential exposure.  Knowing who was physically present on specific days helps our staff contact trace and identify all individuals with potential exposure. 

What if a student’s parent has already left?

Just like during a typical school year, parents/guardians and emergency contacts will be called to take a student home if they have not passed the health screening, or begin to experience symptoms throughout the day.