Review the Draft LCAP 2018-19
The community is invited to submit comments on the draft from May 29-June 15, 2018

Post Steven Ramirez-Fong

The draft of the 2018-19 LCAP for the June 21 Board meeting is linked below.

Draft LCAP for June 21 Board Adoption

Summary of Planned LCAP Expenditures

The draft of the 2018-19 LCAP for the June 7 Public Hearing is linked below.

2018-19 Revised Draft for Public Hearing June 7

For convenience, the sections are linked separately below. 

Plan Summary 6.15.18

Annual Update Goal 1 College, Career, Life-Ready

Annual Update Goal 2 Student Engagement

Annual Update Goal 3 Family Empowerment

Annual Update Goal 4 Operational Excellence

Stakeholder Engagement 6.15.18

LCAP Feedback link (English)

LCAP Feedback link (Spanish)