Podcast Episode 7: Connecting with Voices of Hope
Staying SEL:Connected in Sac City Podcast


This very special final episode will focus on reflection and hope- especially hope from voices that matter most right now- those of our African American students and staff. Given the brutal murder of George Floyd and the racial unrest that has resulted in massive nationwide protest, it’s important that we have this critical  conversation and learn from our young people and those most impacted by current pains.  Today, I’m joined by my colleagues from Youth Development Adrian Williams and Wellington Smith, and two students, Dominique Brooks and Nehemiah Smiley. Our young people have things to say and it’s important that we listen.  They are the voices of hope that we desperately need and we must lean into  these voices. In addition to our two students, we have invited a few other students to share their hopes as we move into summer.  In particular, we will end this special episode with our youngest voices- those of our Early Childhood and Preschool students who are transitioning to Kindergarten next year and their hopes for the future.  They ARE our hope for the future.  We want to thank our students: Dominique, Nehemiah, Indigo, Elizabeth, Taima, Onyx, Gio, Johnny,  & Vel Buckingham’s beautiful Preschool scholars- Arabella, Ashley, Matthew, and Gael. Our deepest gratitude to you all for giving us hope. Watch our Voices of Hope video.