Podcast Episode 4: Staying Connected with School Principals
Staying SEL:Connected in Sac City Podcast


COVID-19 has not only impacted students and teachers, it has also affected school leaders. Without a blueprint for how to navigate this unknown world of distance learning, many principals are charting their own paths in order to best support their staff, students and families. School leaders are relying on instincts that have helped them become successful administrators- the instincts to model social and emotional wellbeing and to harness the power of relationships and connections. What these leaders knew before COVID-19 and what they have come to rely on is that building strong relationships is key to cultivating collective efficacy and hope.  

This week, we are honored to be joined two Sac City administrators who exemplify these traits: Michelle Blanton, Principal at Leataata Floyd Elementary School, and Tarik McFall, Principal at Einstein Middle School. They will share their experience leading schools during COVID-19 and navigating distance learning. We will also focus on the SEL Competency of Social Awareness along with a tip to practice SEL.