Parent/Student FAQs


Where do I find out about my child’s school of attendance?

Go to our Attendance Areas page

How do I request a transcript or school record?

Call the Student Hearing and Placement office at (916) 643-9425 or fill out our online transcript request form

What does my child need to get into school?

Go to What you Need to Know to Register Your Child on our Enrollment Center page. 

How to change schools from our neighborhood school to another school INSIDE the district?

You need an Intra-district permit. Call the Enrollment Center at (916) 643-2400 for more information.


You need to apply for Open Enrollment in January/February for the following year.  Learn more about the open enrollment process or call their hotline at (916) 643-9075.

How to change schools from our neighborhood school to another school OUTSIDE the district?

You need to request an Inter-district permit. Call the Enrollment Center at (916) 643-2400.

Where can I find information on school lunch programs?

You will find all the important information on school lunch programs and healthy foods under our Nutrition Services Department

Who handles health issues at our school, such as lice?

Please contact our Health Services Department at (916) 643-9412.

What is the process for distributing flyers and other information at school sites?

All flyers/information needs to be approved by the Communications Office first, please call (916) 643-9042.

Once approved, you may bring it to the school site administrator and he/she will advise you on the best way to disseminate at the school site.

What is the Parent Complaint Process on issues pertaining to school employees?

Speak to your assistant principal or principal. If the issue is still unresolved, you may call the Constituent Services Office at (916) 643-9000.

My child was suspended. How do I appeal the suspension?

There is an appeal process. Please call the Student Hearing and Placement office at (916) 643-9425.

What before- and after-school programs does the district have?

You may contact our Youth Engagement Office at (916) 643-7994 to get a complete listing of the after school programs in the district. 

Who handles problems at the school site pertaining to building use, air conditioning, heating, grounds?

Issues with each individual school site should be taken to the principal.

The principal will then inform the Plant Manager who will contact Maintenance and Operations.