LCAP Mid-Year Report and One-Time Supplement to the 2021-22 Annual Update
Presented to the Board on 2.17.22

Annually, districts must develop a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) that provides details of goals, actions, and expenditures to support identified student outcomes and overall performance in the coming year.  The LCAP also includes an annual update component that provides mid-year progress in the form of estimated actual expenditures, measurable outcomes, and implementation progress for the prior year’s plan. 

For 2021-22, mid-year progress must be reported to the board by 2.28.22 along with a Supplement to the Annual Update that reports on the engagement and implementation progress for funds related to the 2021-22 Budget Act (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021).  The February 17 LCAP Annual Update to the board includes the district’s LCAP Mid-Year Report and one-time Supplement to the Annual Update.  The Mid-Year Report provides mid-year updates on the implementation status of LCAP actions, measurable outcomes, and expenditures.  The one-time supplement reports, in 5 required areas, the district’s engagement around and use of funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act/Budget Act of 2021.

The Annual Update information will continue to be updated leading up to the presentation of the final 2022-23 LCAP in June 2022.