Joseph Bonnheim Community Meeting Specific Questions


Below are the answers to the Joseph Bonnheim Elementary specific questions asked at the February 19th Community Forum. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for our universal list of question and answers. 


The main water line at Earl Warren isn’t enough to sustain the domestic and irrigation systems at the same time. How can you add more students to the campus if it already has plumbing issues?

About six years ago, there was a water pressure issue at Earl Warren. To resolve the problem, district crews installed a Booster Pump that controls both domestic and irrigation systems. In addition, some sprinklers became clogged with gravel during a repaving last year. The district is working to fix the sprinklers.

Is it true that Earl Warren doesn’t have a functional library?

No. Earl Warren has both a library and a fully functioning technology lab. Peter Burnett, also a receiving school for Bonnheim students, has a newly remodeled library courtesy Target.