James Marshall Community Meeting Specific Questions


Below are the answers to the James Marshall Elementary specific questions asked at the February 5th Community Forum. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for our universal list of question and answers. 


What if my child is assigned to A.M. Winn Elementary School, but the Waldorf-inspired instruction/curriculum there isn’t right for my family?

Last year, the district approved a slow transition of A.M. Winn from a traditional curriculum to a Waldorf-inspired curriculum. Waldorf-inspired schools, such as the district’s popular Alice Birney Waldorf-Inspired K-8, are schools where imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills necessary for college and careers are fostered in a supportive “whole child” environment. (For more information, visit www.scusd.edu/waldorfinspired.)

Under A.M. Winn’s roll-out plan, the school would offer Waldorf-inspired instruction/curriculum in kindergarten, first grade and seventh grades only in 2013-14. Students assigned to A.M. Winn would have the option of applying for another school through SCUSD’s Open Enrollment process. To learn more about Open Enrollment, visit www.scusd.edu/open-enrollment.

How much did the Waldorf training for A.M. Winn teachers cost?

The A.M. Winn teachers were trained over the summer at a scheduled session for teachers at other SCUSD Waldorf-inspired schools. The training would have been held with or without A.M. Winn staff. Their attendance did not cost the district any additional money.

What is the cost savings of closing Marshall compared to the cost savings of closing A.M. Winn?

Most of the savings from a school closure comes from administrative, office and custodial personnel (90 percent of the district’s entire budget is salaries and benefits). Since those staffs are roughly the same size at both schools, the savings would be roughly the same. However, because James Marshall is a larger school, the district would save more in utility costs and facility upkeep.

Has Capital Christian approached the district about buying James Marshall?

There are no plans currently to sell James Marshall if it closes. Once the Board takes action on February 21, a 7-11 Committee (a committee with either seven or 11 members) will be formed to research, investigate and recommend re-use and re-purposing options for the sites to be closed next fall.