High School Chemistry/ Earth
Science Curriculum Choices


Our high school program curriculum options support instruction that prepare students for college, career and life.  All of our curriculum options support the primary content area (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and integrate a secondary content area (Earth Science).  

Please review the High School Chemistry/ Earth pilot summaries of HMH and Pearson below. Then fill out the feedback form. 


Unit 2: Heat and Energy in the Earth System

Anchoring Phenomenon: Thermal energy is the energy of particle motion. As particles of matter gain energy from and lose energy to their surroundings, energy is carried throughout the Earth system. 

Guiding Questions:  

  • How is the stability of a gaseous system affected by changes in the system? 
  • How is energy transferred within and between systems? 
  • How do energy and matter cycle in Earth’s interior? 

Lesson 1 - Thermal Energy and the Behavior of Matter

Lesson 2 - Analyzing the Flow of Energy in Systems

Lesson 3 - Energy Transfer in Earth’s Interior

Each HMH Unit consists of an Anchor Phenomena and Unit Opener, a “Can You Explain It” or “Can You Solve it” that students work through during the unit, an evidence notebook, hands-on investigations, activities, research projects, and engineering activities and each unit concludes with a unit project, a performance task, and a Unit Test. 

Unit Project: Controlling Energy

Transfer Build a device that will minimize energy transfer, and use the engineering design process to improve the device.

To access HMH’s unit materials for a deeper look at the unit, please click here.


Instructional Segment 2: Atoms, Elements and Molecules 

Anchoring Phenomena: Rainbow Mountains of Peru - What distinguishes the minerals in this mountain?  

Related Phenomena: Cina’s Rainbow Mountain or Why are copper, magnesium, and carbon different?  

Guiding Questions: What do you think causes the differences in the colors of the minerals that have a crystalline structure?  What do you think caused the rock layers to have so many different colors at different periods on Earth?  

Investigation 4: Atomic Structure 

Modeling Atoms, Atomic Emission Spectra and the Bohr Model, Modern Atomic Theory, Electrons in Atoms 

Investigation 5: The Periodic Table

To access Pearson’s unit materials for a deeper look at the unit, please click here.

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