Green District Working Session
Board Update - October 14, 2011

Green District Working Session

To create a green more sustainable culture at Sacramento City Unified School District, it will take more than simply changing the logo to the apple green.   However, what will it take to be a Green School District?  That was the question Department leaders from across SCUSD tried to answer this week.  On Wednesday directors, or designated employee, for a variety of departments met at The Serna Center for the first Green District Working Session.  The session was facilitated by the Center for Green Schools UTC Fellow, Farah McDill, who is with the District for three year to support green initiatives.  The working session had three specific objectives; connect District greening activities to current Strategic Plan, generate specific goals for departments to support greening SCUSD, and develop a District Green Team that is able to provide support to the school site green teams.

The working session began with a presentation from Farah that set the stage for the importance of green schools.  There are over 133,000 schools in the US, most of which are not providing adequate learning and teaching environments for the 20% of our population occupying them daily.  Superintendent Raymond sent a welcome video because he was unable to attend and Chief of Staff, Teresa Cummings, talked about the importance of our work at the session.  The group began moving forward by looking back and celebrating the successes of different departments in order to determine how those activities support the Strategic Plan.  SCUSD has been making many changes over the past year; however we cannot get comfortable, it is time to start making new stories.  Next participants gained a better understanding of how each department can work help create a green district.  Tangible specific goals were developed by each department’s representative to help move the District forward.  Finally, the group gained a better understanding of green projects occurring at each school site, in order to determine how their departments can support the goals of school sites.

Participants left the working session inspired and equipped with tools to begin greening SCUSD.  The group determined that accountability is crucial for continued success and decided to have quarterly meetings for the District Green Team.  The road to greening SCUSD will not be easy, however having the right people in the room early will help with the progress.  This working session was the beginning of a powerful movement within the District that will help create healthier learning environments that save resources and money.  To green our district we each must ask ourselves, “What am I going to do tomorrow?”