Goal 5: Engage Educational Partners in Improving and Enhancing the District
LCAP Goals


Parents, families, community stakeholders, and students will be engaged and empowered as partners in teaching and learning through effective communication, capacity building, and collaborative decision-making.

Actions Description
5.1 Continue to support The Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) department implements a range of capacity-building opportunities including the Parent Leadership Pathway Program (PLPP) and the Parent Information Exchange (PIE).
5.2 Continue to support staffing to include 1 Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) Training Specialist. Funding also provides for staff training, materials, and compensated time for staff to engage in visits and follow-up activities. Training and support has expanded and will maintain access to virtual visits in addition to in–person home visits.
5.3 Continue to provide translation services to families and the community through the district’s Matriculation and Orientation Center (MOC).
5.4 Provide family and community volunteers access to required fingerprinting services, at no cost or reduced cost, to ensure that all community members are able to equitably and actively support student success.
5.5 Use the EveryDay Labs platform to facilitate the delivery of personalized messages to families based on an analysis of individual student attendance data.
5.6 Supplemental and Concentration Grant funding is allocated to school sites based on their number of low-income students and English Learners. These funds are for actions/strategies that benefit the targeted student groups. Allocations are determined by each school site in their School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
5.7 Promote student voice by working to take action against problems faced by students, and introduces students to concepts of policy advocacy, applied social research, democratic governing, and grassroots organizing through the Student Advisory Council (SAC).
5.8 Use the framework of Social Justice Youth Development, and with an active collaboration of district administration, school counselors, certified teachers and youth voice, the Men and Women’s Leadership Academy empowers students through wraparound services that promote Social Emotional Learning, culturally relevant and responsive leadership development, meaningful mentorship, and academic support that engages students through their own means of learning.
5.9 Provide adult professional learning regarding federal and special education law, multi-tiered system of supports, and alternative dispute resolution to SCUSD Ombudspersons to expand their expertise in providing information and support to guardians’ requests for assistance in achieving resolution.