GATE Services Screening Process


To ensure equity among students, all 1st and 3rd grade SCUSD students are screened for possible Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) services. In 1st grade, the district utilizes the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT3). In 3rd grade the district utilizes the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). This universal screening will takes place at school sites beginning in January annually. 

Notification of GATE Screening results and Identification for GATE services will happen in the spring. All families, whose children participated in NNAT or CogAT screening will receive notification of their children’s scores and GATE Identification Status. 

SCUSD students are eligible to be screened no more than 3 times with at least 12 months between screenings. GATE screening is possible in grades 1-6. 

Students who are new to attending SCUSD or have not been previously identified to receive GATE services are eligible for screening. They may be referred by parent, teacher or school administrator.