Friday – Air Quality
Promote good air quality and support Green Week by wearing GREEN!


Activities and Games

Wear Green – Students and staff wear green to represent Good Ozone levels on the Air Quality Index scale and to celebrate Green Week. 

Spare the Air Games and Activities 


My Polluted City - In this lesson, students listen to a story about a girl whose city officials have just declared an air quality emergency and cancelled school. Through the story, students learn that air pollution is not always visible to the naked eye but that it can have harmful health effects nevertheless. They also witness an example of personal responsibility and advocacy as the story’s heroine becomes a “clean air guardian” to help address the problem of air pollution in her city. 

Air Quality Index - In this lesson, students learn that in some parts of the world, people hear air quality alerts and warnings regularly.  Students examine how an index of air quality is one way governments monitor and communicate with the public about air pollution and its potential health effects. Then students conduct a quick walk-through eco-audit of their classroom to see if there are changes they can make to improve the air quality within their immediate environment.

Air Quality in My Neighborhood - This lesson encourages students to explore the information on air quality for their town or neighborhood. Students visit a website and analyze data on the levels of key air pollutants, as well as environmental factors that influence air pollution. They then think critically about the information they’ve collected. 

Picturing Pollution – Students participate in a group activity designed to broaden their awareness of the impact their daily actions have on the air around them. Through a powerful visual activity, students gain perspective on how normal, daily activities can decrease air quality. Then they work together to come up with a public service slogan or design a broader public service campaign that will help spread awareness on the issue. Use this activity to help your school select the Sustainable Schools Badge they will start working on this school year!