A Few Things We Have Learned Week 2 – CAASPP Testing
All Grades


Getting good reports from schools.  Most of the kinks are human errors and fixable. 

Please make sure your teachers have logged in and are able to access the TA Interface before testing begins.  Please make sure you have entered them first into TIDE before I call to get a password reset that has not been set up.

If students are having difficulty with their SSID number, check that there are no spaces between the CA-1234567890 or that they put the – after CA.

The test is not timed.  If student needs more sessions to finish, that is allowable.

Paper test window opens Monday, April 28.  You will be receiving a list of students by Thursday.

If a student accidentally clicked on the Performance Task instead of the regular test that they are to take, they must take the Performance Task within 5 days or they are locked out of it and unable to complete.